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Is your password secure?

by Emily-Rose Hill (Posted under: Encryption )

If your password is password – congratulations! In the words of the well known Michael Jackson song ‘You are not alone’. Second only to 123456, password is the next most popular code. Then again if your password is a favourite singer, tv or movie star then you are at risk. Batman and Superman will not help you fight off a cyber hack and if you trustno1 then that won’t help either as that password features amongst the most heavily used passwords. Any password including qwerty, abc123, your favourite football team or a persons name are going to get you into trouble. So while you are eating a snickers (other chocolate is available) staring out at a rainbow thinking about your latest romance bear in mind that all three are strangely common passwords.

So to avoid having a password that is one of the most easy to crack choose something that does not include a name, a place, a movie character, a part of the anatomy or a sequence on a keyboard.

Picking a good password is only one of the story. Keeping it safe and changing it often are also important as part of a layered approach to your on line security. Having good, current anti virus protection as well as an effective anti key logger are all essential if you are to reduce your chances of becoming one of the millions of people who have their on line security compromised each year.

Harlequin CDIS are supporters of the HM Government Cyberstreetwise campaign. Please follow the link for more helpful tips regarding passwords.